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    Zubair Khan Tells Salman Khan TERI AUKAT Kya Hai

    Zubair Khan Tells Salman Khan TERI AUKAT Kya Hai.

    Big boss 10 contestant tell the host salman khan teri aukat kya hai.

    We have all seen in the episode how the bigboss host salman khan looses his temper on zubair khan, it was when zubair khan started using abusive language on the show.

    The host salman khan reveled that zubair khan has entered the house with fake identity, but now its zubair khan who filed and FIR against salman khan.

    Watch The Video Here

    We are still waiting for Salman’s Reply On This.



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    10 exercises for building muscle without equipment

    Going to the gym is always been a task for people with busy schedules, so here are top 10 exercises for building muscle without equipment or without going to the gym, and yes this exercise do work.  🙂

    1. Jumping jack.

    Jumping jack is an ideal warm-up exercise. Five minutes of this exercise can increase blood flowing to all your major muscle groups and your heart rate, a person  about 150 pounds can burn 230 calories by doing 25 minutes of jumping jacks, Jumping jacks work the muscles in your abs, legs and shoulders.

    Instruction For Jumping Jack

    video credit – wikihow
    1. Stand up straight
    2. Hold your arms at your sides and feet shoulder width
    3. Jump and extend your arms overhead.
    4. Extend your legs.
    5. Land in the starting position
    6. Repeat as needed.



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    ATM In Delhi Dispenses Fake Note Of Rs 2000 From ‘ Childrens Bank of India ’ With ‘ Churan Lable ’

    In maybe the strangest incident thus far, associate degree SBI ATM in Delhi was reportedly dispensing faux Rs 2000 notes and even a lawman UN agency visited verify the criticism got one such note. The incident was reported in south Delhi where a State Bank of India ATM distributed the pretend notes on Feb 6th, with “Children Bank of India” written instead of Reserve Bank Of India, in step with the FIR.


    The notes also had numerous glaring discrepancies including the words “Churan lable”, a “PK” logo and “000000” serial number.

    It also read “Guaranteed by the Children’s Government” printed in place of “Guaranteed by the Central Government”.

    Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajiv Ranjan Singh said that the vendor who supplied the cash to the ATM and the persons who inserted the fake notes have been identified.

    The officer put the number of fake notes dispensed by the ATM at three.

    Asked why no arrest had been made so far, Singh said: “The case is still a matter of investigation. The moment everything is done, arrests shall take place.”

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    Try This Excuses To Take Off From Work On Monday

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    The impact of “All that staring at the screen has resulted in conjunctivitis. It’s communicable.” Monday Blues on the human spirit is really understated. Within a matter of a few hours, the fear of an impending Monday kills any hope for happiness left in us. If I had a nickel for every time I tried to call in sick on a Monday morning, I wouldn’t be required to work anymore. But more often than not, we end up giving in to the callings of the cruel world and that needs to stop right now.
    So we created a list of excuses that will ensure you don’t have to bear the brunt of bosses on Mondays.


    1 ) The electricity meters in my building caught fire. The fire brigade is here, they’ve blocked the exit.”

    Source : timesofindia

    2 ) I fell from the bus on my way home last night. Contracted a neck-spasm”



    Source : 1funny

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    20 Interesting Facts On India That You Had No Idea About

    India is, the cradle of the mankind, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandparent of legend, and also the great grandparent of tradition. Our Most worthy and most instructive materials within the history of man are loved up in Asian nation solely.”

    These aren’t our words. These are the words of the nice humorist. And here are 20 Indians facts to support his statement:

    1 ) Water on the moon was discovered by India

    Indian’s ISRO Chandrayaan In September 2009 using its Moon Mineralogy Mapper detected water on the moon for the first time.


    2 ) Shampooing is an Indian concept

    The word ‘shampoo’ itself has been derived from the Sanskrit word champu. Shampoo was invented in India, not the commercial liquid ones but the method by use of herbs.


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    7 Times Gold Medalist Weightlifter Is Now Forced To Sell Tea To Feed Her Family

    Grasping a hot tea pot, she resembles a conventional young lady surviving some place in the ghetto settlement. Be that as it may, it is surprising to see a national champion in shambles. It is the account of 23-year-old gold medalist weightlifter, Santosh, who won seven gold decorations on national and state level is currently pressured to offer tea.
    Hailing from Sonipat, Santosh once hurt her knee while rehearsing. She didn’t have enough cash to treat her damage. Because of poor monetary condition, she needed to abandon her game. Santosh longed for speaking to India at global stage, and make her country glad for her. Tragically, she is constrained to offer tea for withstanding with family.


    Santosh’s dad runs a coffee bar and lives in a leased house. Because of destitution, it is difficult to nourish the entire family. To diminish her dad’s weight, Santosh helps him to run his bistro. She dedicatedly works an entire day with her father. Santosh says that she has not had cash to concentrate, so she additionally wrestles low maintenance to gain more to support her family.

    Santosh’s dad says that he had once longed for her speaking to India as a weightlifter yet because of awesome impoverishment she needed to leave sports. Santosh’s mom additionally shared her situation saying that the Government is doing as such much for competitors nowadays; they can likewise help Santosh to mend her knee damage. She is likewise arguing Haryana Government for help so she can remain all alone once more.


    It is not the principal story highlighting situation and agony of our competitors in our nation; There are numerous competitors like Santosh who are casualties of sheer lack of concern of Government, who turn their would like to rotting which will continue happening in future, as well. We ask Haryana government to capture Santosh’s anguish and enable her rights. On the off chance that neediness is the honor for winning 7 decorations then how ability will spread its wings in our nation.

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    Kejriwal Gets Trolled On Twitter When He Spoke About ‘Delhi Referendum’

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is truly dynamic on Twitter and gives his assessments on nearly everything. He posts his surveys of movies and shares his perspectives through the small scale blogging webpage.

    Not surprisingly, he gave his conclusion on Brexit and the UK’s choice, and afterward tweeted about posting ‘Delhi’s Referendum’.

    After UK choice, Delhi will soon have a choice on full statehood,” the Delhi Chief Minister tweeted.

    On the off chance that Delhi gets full statehood, police, land and city partnerships and administration will go under the state government.

    Senior AAP pioneer Ashish Khetan said the will of the general population is preeminent in majority rules system and its opportunity to have a choice on full statehood for the national capital.

    “After the UK choice on EU leave, its opportunity to have a submission on full statehood of Delhi. In a majority rule government the will of the ppl is incomparable,” he tweeted.


    Here Is The Tweet :O

    What Happened After This Tweet Will Just Make You LOL ! 😛


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    7 Unbelievable Mistakes Done In The Film Udta Punjab

    A standout amongst the most dubious films this year, Udta Punjab at long last discharged last friday. The motion picture highlights the medication issues in Punjab and manages three lives that is influenced by the same. The film was in news constantly. In the first place for the edit board column, Second the motion picture released online even before the discharge.

    Furthermore, now that the film had discharged with just a solitary cut, with freedom of Bombay High Court. Indeed, even the guilty party behind the break of Udta Punjab has been gotten.

    The Movie has gotten acclaims for all corners for managing the touchy issue furthermore uncovering the blazing issue of drugs,its misuse, supply and the furious outcomes it has been making.

    Notwithstanding, when you investigate a portion of the scenes in the motion picture, you’ll understand that the producers made an unfortunate display with regards to in dealing with a few scenes. The motion picture was loaded with senseless errors and here are a couple of ones that you may have not saw while watching it in the theater :-


    1) The Character Played By Alia Bhatt Showed No Feeling For Tommy Singh, How Did They Fall In Love ?



    2) Alia’s Falling Off : This Was Just Like A CN Seen Tom & Jerry !



    3) And The Heights Of The Filmmakers Is When They Make The Tube Light Scream : LOL!



    4) Preet Faking Her Death : While Sartaj’s  brother, slits Preet’s throat,  Why didn’t he try saving her?



    5) Preet Changes Her Voice All Of The Sudden While Convincing Sartaj



    6) A Sudden Bonding Between Preet And Sartaj



    7) Preet Fake Aggressiveness



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    Baba Ramdev Says He Would Spend Rs 10,000 Cr On Yoga Research


    Image Source : www.livemint.com


    New Delhi: Yoga master Baba Ramdev on Wednesday said that Patanjali Ayurved Limited will soon spend Rs 10,000 crore on Yoga research work in India.

    He likewise commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi for getting Yoga set on the global stage, and said that administration stores for Yoga ought to be expanded as the antiquated Indian science must be taken to the masses.

    ” We are as of now spending a great deal of cash on Yoga research work, yet we will soon begin spending Rs 10,000 crore on it,” he said while tending to a social event at the inaugural session of the two-day universal gathering on ‘Yoga for Body and Beyond’ here.

    ” It’s a major world. We will set one up lakh Yoga educators soon, he said, including that once it’s done no less than one crore individuals would profit by Yoga.

    Talking on the event, Pranav Pandya, leader of All World Gayatri Pariwar, considered mental anxiety in charge of different illnesses in the public eye.

    ” Anxiety is a noteworthy issue nowadays. No one but Yoga can recuperate stress, Pandya, who had as of late rejected the Modi government’s proposition to take up a Rajya Sabha seat, said

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    Do You Know Which Place Is Printed On The 20 Rupees Note?

    When you consider purchasing something cool to savor this sweltering warmth with that smashed Rs 20 note in your back pocket, investigate the note painstakingly.


    Presently, take a gander at the other side.

    On the off chance that you look precisely, you will see the photograph of an island in the middle. Ever pondered what put that is?



    It is an  alluring photo of one of the 300 Andaman Islands. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of islands at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

    Click Next To See Which Place Is Printed On The 20 Rupees Note?

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    This 10 Bollywood Subtitles Will Just Make You ROLF

    This 10 Bollywood Subtitles Will Just Make You ROLF

    Indian films are observed everywhere throughout the world. Obviously a considerable measure of interpretation is required for these motion pictures to bode well to outsiders.on the other hand these films to bode well to nonnatives.While naming is the correct approach, subtitles are frequently utilized. Interpretation as a workmanship requires clarifying the right significance of the sentence and not simply changing over the dialect.Strangely, individuals who compose subtitles frequently wind up deciphering every single word as opposed to adding sense to the entire exchange, conveying probably the most clever results.

    For example ‘Bheegi Se Hai Raatein’ turns into ‘The Nights Are Wet’ when interpreted wrongly.

    Perused on as we uncover a portion of the most amusing subtitles ever

    See Below :


    1)  Mister Undergarment ? Like Really 



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