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10 exercises for building muscle without equipment

Here’s 10 ways on building muscle without equipment at home

Going to the gym is always been a task for people with busy schedules, so here are top 10 exercises for building muscle without equipment or without going to the gym, and yes this exercise do work.  🙂

1. Jumping jack.

Jumping jack is an ideal warm-up exercise. Five minutes of this exercise can increase blood flowing to all your major muscle groups and your heart rate, a person  about 150 pounds can burn 230 calories by doing 25 minutes of jumping jacks, Jumping jacks work the muscles in your abs, legs and shoulders.

Instruction For Jumping Jack

video credit – wikihow
  1. Stand up straight
  2. Hold your arms at your sides and feet shoulder width
  3. Jump and extend your arms overhead.
  4. Extend your legs.
  5. Land in the starting position
  6. Repeat as needed.



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