ATM In Delhi Dispenses Fake Note Of Rs 2000 From ‘ Childrens Bank of India ’ With ‘ Churan Lable ’

In maybe the strangest incident thus far, associate degree SBI ATM in Delhi was reportedly dispensing faux Rs 2000 notes and even a lawman UN agency visited verify the criticism got one such note. The incident was reported in south Delhi where a State Bank of India ATM distributed the pretend notes on Feb 6th, with “Children Bank of India” written instead of Reserve Bank Of India, in step with the FIR.


The notes also had numerous glaring discrepancies including the words “Churan lable”, a “PK” logo and “000000” serial number.

It also read “Guaranteed by the Children’s Government” printed in place of “Guaranteed by the Central Government”.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajiv Ranjan Singh said that the vendor who supplied the cash to the ATM and the persons who inserted the fake notes have been identified.

The officer put the number of fake notes dispensed by the ATM at three.

Asked why no arrest had been made so far, Singh said: “The case is still a matter of investigation. The moment everything is done, arrests shall take place.”

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