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7 Times Gold Medalist Weightlifter Is Now Forced To Sell Tea To Feed Her Family

Grasping a hot tea pot, she resembles a conventional young lady surviving some place in the ghetto settlement. Be that as it may, it is surprising to see a national champion in shambles. It is the account of 23-year-old gold medalist weightlifter, Santosh, who won seven gold decorations on national and state level is currently pressured to offer tea.
Hailing from Sonipat, Santosh once hurt her knee while rehearsing. She didn’t have enough cash to treat her damage. Because of poor monetary condition, she needed to abandon her game. Santosh longed for speaking to India at global stage, and make her country glad for her. Tragically, she is constrained to offer tea for withstanding with family.


Santosh’s dad runs a coffee bar and lives in a leased house. Because of destitution, it is difficult to nourish the entire family. To diminish her dad’s weight, Santosh helps him to run his bistro. She dedicatedly works an entire day with her father. Santosh says that she has not had cash to concentrate, so she additionally wrestles low maintenance to gain more to support her family.

Santosh’s dad says that he had once longed for her speaking to India as a weightlifter yet because of awesome impoverishment she needed to leave sports. Santosh’s mom additionally shared her situation saying that the Government is doing as such much for competitors nowadays; they can likewise help Santosh to mend her knee damage. She is likewise arguing Haryana Government for help so she can remain all alone once more.


It is not the principal story highlighting situation and agony of our competitors in our nation; There are numerous competitors like Santosh who are casualties of sheer lack of concern of Government, who turn their would like to rotting which will continue happening in future, as well. We ask Haryana government to capture Santosh’s anguish and enable her rights. On the off chance that neediness is the honor for winning 7 decorations then how ability will spread its wings in our nation.

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