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7 Unbelievable Mistakes Done In The Film Udta Punjab

Here Are Some Unbelievable Mistakes Done By The Filmmakers Of Udta Punjab

A standout amongst the most dubious films this year, Udta Punjab at long last discharged last friday. The motion picture highlights the medication issues in Punjab and manages three lives that is influenced by the same. The film was in news constantly. In the first place for the edit board column, Second the motion picture released online even before the discharge.

Furthermore, now that the film had discharged with just a solitary cut, with freedom of Bombay High Court. Indeed, even the guilty party behind the break of Udta Punjab has been gotten.

The Movie has gotten acclaims for all corners for managing the touchy issue furthermore uncovering the blazing issue of drugs,its misuse, supply and the furious outcomes it has been making.

Notwithstanding, when you investigate a portion of the scenes in the motion picture, you’ll understand that the producers made an unfortunate display with regards to in dealing with a few scenes. The motion picture was loaded with senseless errors and here are a couple of ones that you may have not saw while watching it in the theater :-


1) The Character Played By Alia Bhatt Showed No Feeling For Tommy Singh, How Did They Fall In Love ?



2) Alia’s Falling Off : This Was Just Like A CN Seen Tom & Jerry !



3) And The Heights Of The Filmmakers Is When They Make The Tube Light Scream : LOL!



4) Preet Faking Her Death : While Sartaj’s  brother, slits Preet’s throat,  Why didn’t he try saving her?



5) Preet Changes Her Voice All Of The Sudden While Convincing Sartaj



6) A Sudden Bonding Between Preet And Sartaj



7) Preet Fake Aggressiveness



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